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Our Mission

In the heart of the Gstaad valley, Chalet Shasta is an open, safe and empowering natural medicine practice dedicated to self-discovery, healing and physical and inner transformation.


Based on the principles of traditional European medicine refined over the last 2500 years, naturopathy offers a holistic, personalized and evidence-based approach to health.


We assess patients in-depth through anamnesis, clinical observations, lab testing, biometrics, body composition tools and more. This allows us to have a precise and global picture of your current health status, your unique strengths and weaknesses and investigate the root cause of any symptoms you might be experiencing. 

Once this clinical profile is established, we identify together the goals and adjustments needed in all areas of your lifestyle, for the near and longer term. These strategies and recommendations will support the body's self-healing mechanisms and the treatment or reduction of symptoms for which you consult us.

More widely, and for asymptomatic patients, we will work on optimizing mitochondrial and gut health, preventing or managing chronic and age-related disease and enhancing vitality and resilience for every life stage.

We will work responsibly and in close collaboration with your primary care physician, specialists and other therapists, offering complementary recommendations that will not interfere with any ongoing treatments. 

As a naturopathic practice our mission is to advise you and treat the issues you consult us for, while empowering you to take responsibility of your own health and lifestyle choices. 

Our consultations are entirely confidential. The more we are able to understand and discuss all aspects of your life which influence your health, the more effective we can be in our strategies. During each consultation we take the time and create the space to share information safely and without judgement.​​​


Julia van Herpen

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Certified Naturopath in Traditional European Medicine 

Certified CHT Therapist


A graduate of the Ecole professionnelle supérieure de naturopathie de Lausanne (EPSN, in academic medicine and traditional European medicine, Julia van Herpen is a naturopath specialized in holistic health and longevity. 

She also holds a Master's degree in political science and communications from Sciences Po Paris and spent her initial career in the luxury industry, in Paris and New York.


During that time, Julia discovered the power of natural medicine, and convinced by her own experience that everyone holds the keys to transforming their health and wellbeing for the long term, she completed her academic training and opened her practice, Chalet Shasta.

Raised in a French, Dutch and American family, Julia has had strong ties to Gstaad since her childhood and settled in Switzerland in 2019. She speaks English, French, German and Spanish. 

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