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Colon Hydrotherapy

An integral part of any effective gut health strategy, along with nutritional adjustments and microbiome attention, colon hydrotherapy is a safe and proven method to kickstart you intestinal healing, support a fasting or detox program, or simply maintain and clean and well-working colon.

What is CHT ?

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method to cleanse and detoxify the colon of deposits (incrustations). On ancient Egyptian papers (as early as 1500 BC) there were already reports of colonic lavages. In Ayurvedic medicine colon cleansing is an essential part of treatments, and until the first decades of the 20th century in Europe, the CHT method was considered widely practiced and an integral part of all health strategies.


Colon Hydrotherapy cannot be administered in the following cases:

- Pregnancy

- Severe heart disease

- Acute infection

- Aneurisms 

- Acute abdominal inflammation

- Abdominal surgery with less than 6 months post-op

- Gastro-intestinal cancer 

For patients in these cases and still seeking treatment for their gut, there are other options, please contact us to discuss alternatives. 

Why do we need it ?

The digestive tract plays a fundamental role in our well-being. Not only does it supply the nutrients our cells require to function, it is also greatly influences our immune system, as well as communicates with our brain, regulating mood, satiety and pain.


  • About 100 trillion bacteria reside in the gut and they produce metabolites that have health effects

  • 70-80% of the body’s immune cells are concentrated in the gut

  • There are 100 million neurons located along the gut which produce various neurotransmitters that regulate mood and satiety

  • 95% of the body’s total serotonin is synthesized in the gut

Unfortunately, due to poor nutrition, overeating, lack of mastication and stress, our digestive system over time becomes polluted and bacterial processes produce fermentation and putrefaction toxins, which damage the intestines themselves, the liver and as a result all our organic systems.


Digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and metabolic disorders find their root cause in poor gut health. But it can also lead to more seemingly distant symptoms, affecting performance, inducing sleep disorders, lower immunity or auto-immunity, skin issues, headaches or menopausal symptoms, to name a few.

What to expect ?

During a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, body-temperature water is safely and gently infused into the colon via the rectum using a machine developed by NASA. It allows for a closed-circuit flow of water, painless and odourless.


The process begins with the patient lying on their side on the treatment table. Then a small speculum tube is gently inserted. Through it,  the warm, filtered water is passed into the colon.

During the treatment we will proceed with a number of fills and releases of water, paired with abdominal massage techniques and deep breathing, to stimulate the gut's peristalsis and dislodge the incrustations from the walls of the colon. Once the faecal material is dislodged it flows down the tube into the machine.

The water temperature and pressure will be monitored throughout the session, which will last between 40 and 50 minutes.

Following the treatment, after-care recommendations will be given. You can expect to feel lighter and more energized, with a decrease in any abdominal discomfort or bloating present prior.

Frequently asked questions

What are the indications of CHT ?


Chronic constipation/chronic diarrhoea

Indigestion/bloating/heartburn/constant feeling of fullness


After fasting cures

After gallbladder and liver cleansing (A. Moritz protocol)

Fatigue/lack of energy and difficulty concentrating

General skin issues / acne / psoriasis / neurodermatitis etc.

Mood disorders, depression / anxiety / dizziness

Allergies / susceptibility to infections / asthma

Intestinal diseases / diverticula / irritable bowel syndrome / haemorrhoids

Is CHT safe ? 

Yes, the CHT treatment will only be administered to patients who meet the criteria outlined during screening. It can be paused or stopped at any time. You will be closely monitored by your therapist who has gone through expert training in the technique and received the relevant certification.

Is CHT painful ? 

No CHT is not painful, the insertion of the speculum is smooth and painless, you can expect to feel the water fillings but the pressure will never reach a level of discomfort. 

Will it damage my gut bacteria ?

No, bacteria is naturally excreted from the colon with your feces and the low pressure  water influx is gentle to the intestinal wall. Think of CHT as similar to blowing your nose, you will release some bacteria along with the mucus, but not in a proportion that can be damaging. 

Should I prepare for the treatment ?

Yes you can prepare for the treatment with small diet changes and bitter salt supplements. The protocol will be explained when you make the appointment.

How long does the treatment last ?

A typical session lasts 40 to 50 minutes, added to the 10 to 20 minutes anamnesis and after-care recommendations, so count one hour in total. The actual treatment can vary in length depending on each patient's unique situation.

What should I do after the treatment ?

Personalized after-care recommendations will be given during the session but we generally recommend rest, an easy walk, hydration and a light meal following it.

Is is the same as an enema ? 

Enemas, due to the small volume of the water pouch and the gravity-induced water flow only allow for water to reach a limited portion of the colon, usually the rectum, the sigmoid and possibly the ascending colon. With CHT, water can reach further and more effectively up the colon and multiple fills can be administered without interruption.

Are there any side/after effects ?

Every patient is different, and depending on prior symptoms or discomfort, effects can vary. The after effect is usually positive, though some may experience a bit of fatigue due to the deep stimulation of the GI tract.

Can I receive a treatment while I'm on my period ? 

Yes absolutely, it is not a contraindication and it can even alleviate some period pains.

Can I receive a treatment if I'm constipated ?

Yes constipation and other digestive issues are good indications for CHT, the treatment will stimulate the gut's natural peristalsis and relieve your symptoms. 


How many CHT treatments should I plan for ?

Every case is unique so please consult us more more detailed recommendations. Within a wider gut health program we typically prescribe 2 to 3 initial sessions, a few days or a week apart. During a fasting or detox cure it can also be 1 to 3 depending on the length of the cure. For healthy adult subjects interested in prevention we recommend it twice a year, with 1 to 3 sessions.

For more information you can refer to


Gut Health

Whether you are interested by or ready for CHT, digestive and microbiome health is one of our top treatment priorities and we can address it with a variety of tools.

It is absolutely fundamental in the proper function of every one of our systems. Not to mention metabolism, immunity, neurochemistry, hormonal balance and more. 

“All disease begins in the gut" knew Hippocrates. So healing and prevention also start there. 

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