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Natural Health Transformation

About us


Chalet Shasta is a natural medicine and holistic health practice in the Gstaad valley, dedicated to optimizing physical, emotional and cognitive health to support vitality, wellbeing and health span. 

Discover the personalized natural remedies, techniques and lifestyle strategies we offer to harness the full resources and potential of your body and mind - natural biohacking - and work with us to achieve your personal transformation goals.

We specialize in nutrition, gut and metabolic health, stress management, physical and cognitive fitness, chronic disease prevention and longevity, but welcome anyone who is interested in making positive changes to their health.

Holistic Health Pillars
Nutrition & Gut Health

Food is our primary medicine and fuel. Through tailored nutrition and micro nutrition programs, as well as caring for our gut and microbiome, we can ensure optimal digestion and cellular nourishment, as well as regulate metabolism, hormone levels, mood and more.

Lifestyle & Environment

Our homes, routines and activities influence our toxic loads, circadian rhythms, resilience and overall health more than you can imagine. Let's assess these exogenous factors and align all aspects of your life with your needs and goals. 

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Physical Health

No matter your age and physical abilities, your body is made to move and exercise is the single most potent lever towards a longer health span. Building up strength, stability and cardiovascular fitness, as well as proper recovery are the keys to a better metabolism, staving off chronic disease and enjoying a full life as long as possible. 

Cognitive Health

Neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline may not be a major concern yet but prevention should nonetheless start as early as possible. Multi-facetted strategies can also help right now to rebalance neurotransmitters, support mental health disorders, increase focus, memory and neuroplasticity.

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Our modern lifestyle often requires a special focus on accumulated toxins. With fasting, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, sudation, cupping or circulatory techniques, we have a variety of tools to support our bodies' self-healing mechanisms.

Emotional Wellbeing, Sleep & Stress

Stress, trauma, lack of sleep or connection can precipitate or aggravate physical issues. Through breath work, meditation, vagal nerve stimulation, light and sound therapy and more, we can rebalance your nervous system and build stronger  resilience.

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Rue du Village 8, 1659 Rougemont, VD

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CHALET SHASTA is accredited by ASCA (Swiss Fondation for Complementary Medicines) and RME (Empirical Medicine Register) and as such our consultations and treatments can be covered by the main Swiss insurrance companies.


Please check with your own policy provider if such coverage is available to you. 

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